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Byron Ricks


Meet Byron Ricks, a dynamic professional who wears multiple hats with a singular goal: Empowerment. Byron seamlessly transitions between roles as a captivating speaker, host of the "Father Factor Podcast," and an influential author. His speaking engagements and training initiatives inspire growth and achievement, while his podcast explores the intricacies of fatherhood. Byron's transformative journey extends to strategic leadership positions, where he shapes organizations for positive change. His ability to customize empowerment for various contexts sets him apart, and his commitment to human potential makes him a true catalyst for transformation. Join Byron on this journey to unlock your full potential.

Josh Warmbrodt


Meet Joshua Warmbrodt, a dynamic force driven by a singular passion: impact. Joshua effortlessly shifts between roles – a seasoned sales virtuoso, co-host of "The Father Factor Podcast," and visionary co-founder of a growing music label. Joshua's sales prowess ignites success, while his podcast explores the intricacies of parenthood. Guiding businesses from the frontlines, he fuels positive change through strategic leadership. Joshua's bespoke approach to mentoring sets him apart, infusing growth in diverse spheres and reflecting his unwavering commitment to realizing potential. Embark on a journey of transformation with Joshua, unlocking new possibilities at every turn.